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Welcome! Please have a look at the workshops below!

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Tasters  Workshops 

These workshops can be tailored for your organisation and cover the basics to Makaton plus over 30 signs and symbols. 


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Levels 1-4

Level 1 is your first workshop if you're a beginner to Makaton or already know a little and want to refresh your skills.
After this you can progress on to cover the whole of the Makaton Core Vocabulary and attend level 2-4 if you wish 




A more advanced and specialised workshop looking at how safeguarding can be incorporated in an inclusive way in your organisation 



Refresher Workshops 

Use it or loose it is a phrase I often hear and this workshop refreshes your knowledge of Makaton in a fun way  


Makaton Friendly Status

As a Makaton Friendly licenced Tutor I can guide your organisation through this quality assurance award


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New! Frontline workshop

This is the newest workshop from Makaton - a 3 hour beginners workshop for staff who can't commit to the longer 6 hour Level 1 workshop. Please choose between the "wellbeing" workshop (which is the generic workshop for everyone) or if you work in an emergency service please choose the "emergency services" workshop 

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