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Its here! New Frontline Workshop! and I can deliver it!!

Frontline Training in your workplace

Frontline Training, where clear communication is accessible to all. Our tailored training programs are designed to equip frontline workers, from all backgrounds and industries, with the essential skills to effectively communicate with individuals facing learning and communication difficulties.

Why choose Makaton?

Makaton is a communication program that combines, speech, signs and symbols to empower anyone living with learning or communication difficulties to understand and be understood. With a dual vocabulary approach – combining everyday vocabulary and bespoke concepts, relevant to your service and sector, our Frontline training meets your specific workplace needs. 

Key features & learning outcomes

  • 3-hour courses specifically developed for your sector and workplace settings. 

  • Flexibility: Delivered as a comprehensive course or three one-hour sessions. 

  • Interactive workshops available face-to-face or online. 

  • Maximise your time and resources by learning signs and symbols relevant to your working environment. 

  • Participant manuals provide ongoing support. 

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