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Get out in the fresh air and do a charity hike 2023

MakaHike '21 was Snowdon (the highest mountain in Wales); Makahike '22 was Ben Nevis (the highest in Scotland)… The charity is now introducing MakaHike '23, the highest in England, Scafell Pike.

Standing at 3209ft Scafell Pike's summit is the highest point in England, with beautiful views of the lake district, rolling hills and valleys come and join me! we'll be supported by a team of qualified mountain leaders on this ‘bucket list’ challenge! We'll be climbing Scafell Pike from Wasdale. The journey there and back is 9km.

Come and join me and lots of others in the Lake District, to summit Scafell Pike on Saturday 6th May 2023 to raise funds for The Makaton Charity. At the top there will be a Makaton ‘sing and sign’, again led by Suzanne Miell-Ingram from Singing Hands to celebrate our achievement and promote the wonderful work of The Makaton Charity.

check out the charity's website for more details at and if you want anymore adventures go and look at Richard Fish's website! based in Lincolnshire he's a fellow tutor and he does loads of other outdoors activities :) xxxx

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